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Are you considering replacing or reupholstering your furniture? Consider Upholstery Cleaning Minneapolis - if you are interested in maximizing the investment you made when you purchased your couch, love seat, sofa, recliner or other piece of upholstered furniture, consider this fact: if it doesn't have holes or rips in it, it may be time for our experts intervention.

Before Upholstery Cleaning Minneapolis professional's talk about cleaning upholstery and steam cleaning ,let's talk about How to get it out of the state that mistreatment has gotten it into.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is the first step in upholstery restoration. Though different upholstery fabrics and fibers require different cleaning methods, the end result is the same: newer looking, better smelling, upholstery.

Many upholstery fabrics, such as corduroy, cotton, velvet and jacquard, respond well to steam cleaning - which is highly effective at removing stains and odors without the introduction of harsh detergents or toxic chemicals. Some silks, leather, suede and other upholstery materials require different techniques. No matter what technique will ultimately be applied to renew your upholstery, all cleaning efforts begin with dirt and dust removal. Generally, upholstered surfaces are first brushed to loosen dirt and hair or fur. Cushions are removed the furniture may be moved for full access. Then our steam cleaning method is used to remove all traces of common upholstery pollutants: sloughed skin cells, body oils, pet fur and pet dander, dust mites, crumbs, etc.

If you're wondering how your furniture got to its sorry state, think about how you use your upholstered furniture. Though most household cleaning guides will tell you to vacuum furniture once a week (or less), you need to consider common upholstery contaminants:

  • body oils
  • Pet dander
  • Food crumbs
  • Smoke
  • Spilled liquids

If you regularly snack or eat while sitting on an upholstered piece of furniture, if you apply body lotion while sitting on, or just before sitting on upholstery, if you've got indoor pets, small children or smokers in your house, you're upholstery is going to require more attention.

Upholstery Cleaning Tips by Upholstery Cleaning Minneapolis

Below are some upholstery cleaning tips by the experts of upholstery cleaning Minneapolis. Adjust the frequency of use according to your specific needs.

  1. Vacuum regularly to remove surface dirt and dust.
    • Boost vacuuming efficiency by brushing first to loosen caked on dirt.
    • Pick up cushions and vacuum the base of the furniture, too.
  2. Rotate cushions for more even wear.
  3. Don't rely on stain guard treatments - clean up spills as soon as they happen to prevent staining.
  4. Avoid using too much water or cleaning product. Over wetting will lead to bacterial growth.

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