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Truck Mounted Equipment

Whether you're having your carpets cleaned for the first time, or you've been through the process in the past, you've probably come across the term 'truck mounted equipment.' What is truck mounted equipment? How does it work? Read on for all the information you need to know.

Steam Cleaning - Water Extraction Process

First of all, an overview of the steam/water extraction cleaning process: Steam cleaning is a highly effective, Eco-Friendly cleaning method that delivers excellent results It entails jetting highly pressurized streams of steam onto the carpet to loosen embedded dirt and grime. It is also highly effective when it comes to pet odor removal, and for dealing with carpet stains. As steam is sprayed onto the carpet, powerful extractors simultaneously remove all debris and moisture. Achieving sufficient power is a key factor in the success of both the application and extraction processes. Applying too much water or insufficiently extracting moisture from carpets will inhibit the drying process. Carpet dampness is a known factor in the development of mold and mildew.

Truck Mounted Equipment

Before someone got the bright idea of mounting all the heavy machinery needed for efficient steam cleaning/extraction onto a truck or van, this cleaning method was only used by industrial cleaners in commercial settings. The technical requirements were too prohibitive.

With the advent of truck mounted equipment, however, commercial cleaning methods became portable. The heavy machinery required to produce the required pressure (as high as 1200 PSI) and water temperature (anywhere up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit) are now transported from location to location inside a truck. A wand connected to a hose is for steam injection.

Extraction is also achieved with the use of a hose that is attached to the truck mounted unit. This is a critical step in the steam cleaning process because, as mentioned earlier in this article, no matter how clean your carpet is, if it is not dried properly then it becomes an incubator for mold, mildew and fungi. Gas powered truck mounted equipment have superior vacuuming capabilities. This enables them to provide the most efficient water extraction available.

Once portability was achieved, it didn't take long for carpet cleaning service providers to realize that this highly efficient method of cleaning had many more applications. This method is also highly recommended for cleaning most upholstery fabrics.

Carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets deep cleaned every two to three years, depending on use. When it's time to have your carpet cleaned, choose a carpet cleaning organization that uses truck mounted extraction equipment such as Carpet Cleaning Minneapolis.

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