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Tile Grout Cleaning Minneapolis

Tile Grout Cleaning Minneapolis experts specialize in steam cleaning method which will keep germs and bacteria out of your kitchen and bathroom.

Tile is probably one of the easiest floor, counter and wall coverings to care for. Once it's been installed and properly polished, cleaning tile and grout mainly consists of little more than spraying lightly with an appropriate cleaning agent and wiping clean. Even so, overly humid rooms, using the wrong cleaning solutions, or neglecting your tile will quickly lead to unpleasant results. We use a special method to refrain from such results - call Tile Grout Cleaning Minneapolis today for a free estimate 612-605-5273

Tile Cleaning Minneapolis

If your tile is dull, stained or discolored. If the grout has seen better days and is cracking, causing the tiles to wobble, it's time to take action. Call on tile grout cleaning Minneapolis experts to bring your wall, counter and floor coverings back to tip-top condition.

Tile and grout is an inseparable pair, but they must be cleaned using different processes. Tile, which is non-porous and hard, can be cleaned and shined using a variety of products. Grout, which is a common sealing material, is made of water, cement, gravel and sand. It is permeable, and while it prevents water from seeping through the gaps between tiles, it is not waterproof.

Grout Cleaning Minneapolis

We at grout cleaning Minneapolis use one of two cleaning methods. Steam cleaning is a common method for spaces that need sanitizing and disinfecting as well as cleaning and polishing. Steam has natural cleaning powers, and is Eco-Friendly. When using steam to clean closed spaces, special care must be taken to properly dry the tile and grout. Another method utilizes specialized rotary grout cleaning tools which operate at pressures ranging from 600 to 3000 psi, to deliver the highest quality of cleaning available without the risk of damaging your tiles or the grout them. This type of cleaning machine includes scrub brushes, assist brushes, stainless steel handles and a flange mounted carbide that allows easy access to every inch of your tiled surface.

Cleaning Grout and Tile

Some steps recommended for cleaning grout and tile by Tile Grout Cleaning Minneapolis experts you can take to maintain your tiled surfaces:

  • Vacuum or sweep away dust, crumbs, hair and other debris before wiping down with a damp cloth.
  • Tiles in the kitchen - counters and backboards - are susceptible to food contamination and should be wiped down daily. While using a kitchen disinfectant or sanitizing spray may be tempting, be wary of product buildup.
  • In bathrooms, where mold and mildew are common intruders, use an all-purpose cleaner or other non-toxic, antibacterial product.

Warning: cleaning your grout with a stiff brush can damage the grout. So can harsh detergents, ammonia and bleach. Before applying any cleaning solution, make sure it is safe for grout!

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