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Tips for Successful Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning, also called extraction, can be a do-it-yourself project or you can hire carpet cleaning professionals to do the job for you. The process entails applying pressurized jets of steam to the carpet and then extracting all moisture and loosened debris. When properly done, steam cleaning is the most efficient way to remove carpet pollution buildup - hair, dirt, dust, pet dander, sloughed skins cells and the like.

Steam Cleaning Session

The success - or failure - of any steam cleaning session depends on several factors:

  • Equipment: Professionals choose high-powered truck mounted equipment for the most efficient application and extraction. Insufficient extraction will leave carpets wet, or over-damp, which in turn will lead to the growth of mold and mildew. of any steam cleaning process are just as weekly vacuuming is an essential part of carpet maintenance. They also know that there are a several steps they can take to ensure the success of any carpet steam cleaning session.
  • Maintenance: Proper carpet maintenance improves the way your carpet looks, feels and smells. It also keeps embedded dirt to a minimum, which means that you can possibly go a little longer between deep cleanings and that when the time comes, the cleaning session will be more efficient. Here are some tips for taking care of your carpet:
    • Tip 1: Put a welcome mat by the front door or place an area rug inside the entrance of your home. These supplementary floor coverings trap a good amount of whatever is stuck on the bottom of your shoes before it makes its way to your carpets.
    • Tip 2: Install area rugs or runners in high traffic areas to prevent excessive dirt buildup and premature signs of wear.
    • Tip 3: Establish a regular carpet hygiene routine that includes:
      1. Sweeping. Most people don't associate sweeping with carpet cleaning, the simple truth is that sweeping is actually an essential pre-vacuuming step - especially when carpets are installed in locations where animals roam freely. In addition to loosening dirt and dust for more efficient vacuuming, sweeping is the only way to release hair from carpet fiber. If possible, sweep with a rubber broom for maximum hair removal.
      2. Move the vacuum methodically over the entire surface of the carpet, covering each area at least twice.
      3. Before or during the vacuuming session, take a moment to shift your furniture. Even a slight repositioning of heavy furniture will not only allow better access to all carpet surfaces, can help prevent permanent imprints made by furniture legs.

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