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We at Air duct cleaning Minneapolis know that you spend most of your leisure time indoors, and don't get most of your oxygen needs from our own mother earth, but instead get it from indoor ventilation systems which in time tend to littered with a lot of dust, these particles of dust ultimately will accumulate in our lungs and can cause a wide array of respiration diseases.

That means that the air you breathe has very little to do with what's going on outside, and everything to do with what's going on inside the air ducts that carry air to and from your home or office heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) system.

We all know that dust buildup on air ducts will affect performance, but how does dust and dirt buildup affect the performance of HVAC ducts? How does dirt and dust buildup affect the air coming out of those vents? And is there any reason to worry about dirt inside the actual canals through which the air travels?

Mold and Mildew

Take a moment to review the signs of air duct contamination. If you have seen any of these signs, it's time to call Air Duct Cleaning Minneapolis.

  • Visible signs:
    • Animal droppings
    • Mold or mildew spores
    • Excessive dirt, dust or grime in ducts and on vents/grates
    • Excessive dirt, dust or grime on actual HVAC mechanical parts
  • Other indicators:
    • Increased headaches
    • Respiratory distress or new respiratory issues
    • Unexplained illnesses
    • Musty odor from HVAC vents

Duct Cleaning - Process

Air Duct Cleaning Minneapolis actual duct cleaning process begins with a methodical inspection of all parts of the system. Then, before anything else is done, the utmost care is taken to guard your furnishings, carpets and floor coverings with a protective cover. Once Air Duct Cleaning Minneapolis experts are done, the actual business of cleaning can begin.

Wall and ceiling registers are removed so that they can be thoroughly washed. This also grants access to the ductwork. While the registers are left to dry, foam plugs take their place to block the duct openings. Then powerful blowers are used to loosen all debris, and a soft brush is inserted to the inner workings of your HVAC system. The dirt is forced out, straight into a receptacle previously attached to one of the duct openings.

Once debris has been eliminated, air duct cleaning crews use a negative air machine to actually clean the ducts. Before the entire process is complete and registers are replaced, sealant is applied and you may be offered the option of installing an odor remover or electrostatic filter to repel contaminants.

Duct cleaning may seem like a relatively simple process, but it is one that requires extensive knowledge of HVAC systems and should not be tackled by amateurs.

Call Carpet Cleaning Minneapolis at 612-605-5273 for any duct question you might have and our cleaning experts will be glad to help you and give you a free quote.

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